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intelligent parking software from HeavenSoft

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also specially designed for the needs of long-term parking spaces at airports and cruise ship terminal

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revolutionized the entire management and car park management services


easyPARKgate2.0 by HeavenSoft – Innovative Hardware and Software Combination!
With the barrier 2.0 HeavenSoft has not only set a technical standard but has also developed a new generation of access terminals. For easyGATE2.0 combines established software solutions with innovative hardware ideas in skilful ways that have yet to find their match in the field of parking facility management. For example, easyPARKgate2.0 uses the well-known QR Code technolgy, thus revolutionizing the booking process for long-term parking space. The barrier terminal provided with special hardware components is at the core of easyPARKgate2.0. It is connected with safety and video technology, an LED traffic light system and a neatly arranged user terminal.

Advantages & Benefits

LED Leitsystem

Efficient LED guidance system!

The LED traffic light system has been designed as an internal parking guidance system, directing arriving customers to their reserved parking space.

sicherer Zugang zum Parkplatz

High Degree of Safety!

The QR-Parking and the PARKolution software as well as all connected guidance systems, booking and payment procedures are quality assured. If desired they can be supplied with appropriate safety certificates.


Easy handling!

Thanks to the user interface that can be used intuitively and the dialogue being focused on only few confirmation steps, the barrier terminal excels through its easily understandable clarity.




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